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Unleashing Veterinary Potential


Turning our passion for animals into a niche market

      You are probably so busy caring for animals, who need you, that you may not be making the income you should. Elliot Metelka is a financial cornerstone for veterinarians, their administrators and animal hospitals known for qualitative management consulting that can lower expenses and raise profits, Elliot helps prioritize the most profitable and rewarding services you want to offer to achieve the results you envision all from one source. Among the areas we concentrate on are:

  • All-inclusive CFO Services — is more than accounting or tax advice. Bringing interim financial management to your business can very efficiently help achieve your long-term goals, plan strategically for the future and realize full potential. Elliot Metelka provides insights, which allow for solid decision-making. He manages your financial team, establishes reliable processes, reporting and helps make sound strategic financial decisions that work smoothly and with minimal risk.
  • Comprehensive Accounting Services — preparing and analyzing financial statements, he helps to evaluate your monetary health for both current needs and long-term growth.
  • Tax Planning and Compliance — minimize your tax burden with good planning and well-prepared federal, state and local tax returns for individuals and practices.
  • Review Discount Policies — Are your client and multiple discounts really effective? Knowing which discounts generate more business and goodwill is essential to building a successful practice. Elliot is helpful in recommending what actually works and eliminating those practices, which diminish profitability.
  • Bookkeeping — Full-charge bookkeeping is prepared in QuickBooks. Services include general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and tracking/analyzing receivables and payables.
  • Cash Flow and Budgeting — How is your practice really doing? We are experienced in decoding financial and management data, making it easy to understand. In the process, Elliot Metelka helps minimize excess costs, waste, lost purchase discounts and uncollected receivables. We help you budget payroll, plan for employee raises and benefits, the largest expense of running a successful veterinary practice.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions — We supply analysis, due diligence and valuations. In addition, we advise about alternative financing, financial disclosure, non-compete agreements and many other M&A considerations.
  • Negotiations — We help to consolidate purchases to minimize your expenditures. Elliot Metelka also evaluates contracts, negotiates leases, assesses long- and short-term loans as well as employment agreements.
  • Hospital Planning and Financing — Working closely with renowned national veterinary architects. We are experienced in the unique and overall nature of veterinary hospital construction planning, costs, contracts and estimated profitability. We assist with forecasts, financing and cash flow projections.
  • Contracts, Leases, Employment, Buy/Sell — We are well versed in the variety of legal interests in the veterinary industry. We can review, advise and work with your attorney to protect your interests by developing employment and incentive contract
  • Practice Owner Compensation Planning — Maintain good relationships with co-owners, shareholders, partners or limited liability company members by creating sound compensation plans that are customized for your practice needs.
  • Office Setup and Organization —  Not sure how to setup an organized, well-managed business office to run your practice? We offer on-site visits to implement systems that work.
  • Accounting Software Configuration and Training — With our help, your staff will be able to effectively utilize essential financial management tools.
  • Bookkeeper Training — Your bookkeeper isn’t sure how to handle a transaction? We are available for consultation throughout the year. QuickBooks is our specialty. We advise making a chart of accounts or having us setup the program in order to make your operations easier and more tax compliant.
  • Inventory Management — Do you spend too much on medical supply purchases? Engage Elliot Metelka to review your procedures and advise about efficient-system options.
  • Fee Review — We evaluate your fee schedules and provide suggestions that help keep up with changing standards of care, product and service expansions as well as client expectations.
  • Financial Forecasts — Do you have the resources for unexpected practice contingencies?
  • Succession Planning — There are various plans of action that aid your practice’s smooth continuance and protect your heirs and associates.
  • Financial Statements — Compliant reports as well as tailor-made analyses help practice owners and managers eliminate inefficiency and realize the practice’s full profit potential.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection — We advise on and implement systems that help deter fraud.
  • Breakeven Analysis — Thinking of investing in new equipment or expanding services? We help to identify associated costs, explore pricing options and determine the volume required to reach your goals.

Capabilities Summary:

  • CFO Outsourcing
  • Tax Planning
  • Hospital Design
  • Staff Moral and Efficiencies
  • Product Purchases
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cost Controls
  • Practice Acquisition and Sales
  • Succession Planning
  • Practice Valuation
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Deferred Compensation Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Financing Assistance
  • Insurance Reviews
  • Investment Analysis
  • Operations Review
  • Systems and Procedures Analysis